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Wake up

I´ve come to realize that whenever I´m thrown into a new situation I stop thinking. That sounds bad, but what I mean is I start out by just watching and listening. Maybe its a defense mechanism, or my way of adapting- I´m not sure. But I can track this trend back to childhood. I was always pretty shy.
Needless to say Nicaragua is an entirely new situation for me. So I´ve felt like this last month I´ve just been watching, listening, waiting. I havn´t really asked many questions or compared this culture to my own. I tried to just see it for what it was. Which is good in its own way. I certainly don´t feel judgemental and it has been fairly easy to adjust.
Only its awfully easy to get stuck in your own head. Especially with the language difference. Its easy to drown in one´s own silence.
But luckily its a temporary exile. I think the more new situations Í get exposed to the less time it takes to adapt. So congratulate me, I´m coming out of it now.
It really is like waking up.
The increase of language skills help with that. The more I feel I can express my thoughts, the more likely I am to voice them. I also have the bad tendancy to think better while talking... which is great for long discussions in a coffee shop, but horrible for speaking correctly in a new language.


I wasn´t able to make it into Managua for a flick- Bus strikes started and they could go nation wide any day. That would add to the teacher strike and doctor/nursing strike. In another month Nicaragua is having its national elections which may lead to violent uprising of the opposition. I can imagine this becomes a hard place to work sometimes. Luckily its all just on the news at this point.
In local news a man was attacked by a dog (boxer) in front of my house and needed stitches all over most of his head. Also a guy with a machete got into a fight with someone just down the block. And I got to see a guy get four stitches in the living room of one of my friends. 12 people have died here since we arrived. Including alcohol induced accidents, old age, terminal illness, and suicide (of an openly gay- and noticibly oppressed male). People say there hasn´t been this many deaths since the war. They also shrug and go about their work.

Well, I´m off to see if the Jinotepe movie theatre is fact or fiction. We´ve not been able to get a clear concensus on the topic.


ps:it takes to long to spellcheck- I don´t spell well, deal with it.
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