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Día de amor, día de amistad

Happy Valentine´s Day everyone!

My volunteer visit is turning out to be pretty posh. Chinendega is a big city and my volunteer lives right on the main drag. So far this practical learning experience has included a trip to the beach, shoe shopping, and a day long meeting about 6 months of planning for HIV/AIDS activism (in which I got a free lunch and 50cords). Oh... and then I found 240 cords. No lie, it was just sitting there in the street with no possible way to find the owner. It made me feel a little better about buying some cute nica shoes (hey, I´m trying to assimilate- only gringas where chacos) for roughly 150 cords. I also bought burgers for my volunteer last night and will probably treat tonight aswell. You can´t hoard money that never should have been yours. What are my V-Day plans, you ask? Hopefully a nice dinner and/or icecream and then oogling the winter olympians. Of course I will also be thinking of loved ones so far away.

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