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Holiday in Nicaragua

For the first time ever I got a sunburn on Christmas. Then another 3 days later. The rivers and beaches here are a' mazing!

Another new experience has been staying at hostels. There are some pretty fachenta style hippies and interesting people from all over. Though we did have a run in with a girl who thought we were all quite rude and pontificated drunkenly on topics from abortion to her tool of an aunt who disapproved of her acid trips. I got some shit from my friends for being a bleeding heart, as I hugged her vs slapping her once her vocabulary turned repetitively negative against us. Guess I've learned some patience in dealing with youth, I couldn't imagine putting a smack down on a 19 year old. No matter how obnoxious. It'd be like kicking a puppy. I am glad though that alcohol is not consumed in Santo Tomas, and I never thought I would say that.

Granada is a beauty! We partied the new year into existence with about 20 other PCers. Sun I went to a buffet in Managua that included all you can eat lobster tail, sushi and gourmet chocolates... all you can drink champagne. It was a wopping $25, but well worth it. I've also enjoyed dancing at several sweet night spots. Tonight we're off to a hotel run by a former volunteer who has spent the last 25 years working as a program administrator in conflict zones. Her house is beautiful. Don't tell Mom I want her life...
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