evnegia (evnegia) wrote,

Long Day

Hopped on a bus at 5am to get to Managua on time for an oh so important meeting. Now mind, body and soul have glazed over from 6 hr straigt internet use. Yay! I updated pics. Can't take credit for any of them. I have Rachel to thank. She may be the only source of pictures of me in Nicaragua. Proof that I exist! Also updated Friendster only to realize that I don't have any friends on... so find me if you're out there. Not that I'll check it frequently or actually use it to network socially...but you never know.

Checking out higher education programs. Still pondering the harrowing Law vs Grad question. Leaning toward an MPA, Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis in International work. Or a JD with a focus on International Law (syracuse looks nice). We'll see which way the wind blows.

Word on the street is ya'll are facing an early spring. Good luck with that. small talk...small talk...small talk...
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